Prices and Offers

Thank you for the tremendous effort you have put in to our home and garden. You do not know how much this means to us. The relief of finding someone who just 'gets you' and senses what you need is beyond words! Thank you for just knowing what we needed as a family!   
Christine - Kidlington, Oxfordshire


We charge by the hour.  If the work requires two or more people the charge will be per hour per person. No hidden charges, no extras.
Payment required on the day of the work carried out by BACs or Cash

Recommend a Friend - 2017

If you really like our service and are happy to recommend us to your network of friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues (living within our service area), as a big THANK YOU - we’d like to reward you.

This means, each time you recommend someone who becomes an Alice's Wonder Land Gardening Services customer,  you will be rewarded with either a £10 credit on your next maintenance visit OR a £10 M&S voucher - you decide. 

How it works:
Firstly, ensure that your friend(s) are happy to be recommended to us. If they are, simply provide us with their name and contact number, We’ll then contact them and arrange a free visit to meet up and assess their gardening needs and if they become an Alice's Wonder Land Gardening Service customer* you'll receive your reward - it’s that easy.

*First lot of work completed and paid for

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